WWF – Panda business club corporate club

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WWF activities to attract partners and donors


To create the concept of the WWF corporate club aimed at attracting business to cooperation and forming a new generation of socially responsible and environmentally oriented business in Russia.


The concept of Panda Business Club was created:
  • visual concept of Panda Business Club (logo, corporate identity, conceptual eco-identity for partner companies (diplomas, eco-office for employees, advertising concept)
  • multi-level program for business partners in the issues of environmentalization of business and CSR (partnership depending on the status, targeted audience and scope of the project)


  • Improvement of the Club's status among the business audience, its recognition
  • Change in positioning: positioning of the Fund not only as a charitable organization, but also as the partner for positive changes towards sustainable development and environmentalization of business and CSR
  • Increase in the number of participants and partners and the total volume of unearmarked income