Film by Fyodor Bondarchuk and Igor Ugolnikov “Battalion”

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Film by Fyodor Bondarchuk and Igor Ugolnikov “Battalion”. With the support of Russian Geographical Society, Ministry of Culture and Cinema Foundation.


Social media PR campaign. Viral PR campaign and film promotion in Moscow prior to the first weekend of film premiere with the aim to attract people into cinemas.


Viral PR campaign in a military style based on the movie in Moscow parks and skating rinks, poster display cases with the film poster and the official hashtag #Батальонъ exposed in the promotional area. Poppies as a gift with a story about the project and the real history of the women's battalion formed by M. Bochkareva.


Coverage of more than 20 million people. More than 5,000 posts on social networks with the official hashtag #батальонъ.