PR Entertainment agency project was included in the short-list of the Silver Archer award

The project of Promotion of the new Palmolive Brand Product Using Prisma, One of the Most Popular Mobile Applications in the World, became one of the finalists of the Silver Archer National Award in the field of public relations.
The project has become an advanced example of the successful use of both mobile and neural technologies for marketing purposes. PR Entertainment Agency and the Palmolive brand (and the Colgate-Palmolive company, respectively) were the first ones to use Prisma, one of the most popular applications in the world, in marketing and PR communications in Russia and in the world.
In addition to the national publicity, due to the worldwide coverage of Prisma, the project was automatically launched in more than 50 countries exclusively due to media investments of the Russian office. The result exceeded all expectations – more than 250 publications in Russian media, over 400 publications in foreign media, total media coverage in Russia – 25,560,850, total media coverage in the world – 150,600,000